Today in the city Tuscola 24.02.2018

Tesla is donating electric car chargers to select U.S. offices

Keeping your electric car charged is a big part of maintenance for those living the gas-free life, so Tesla is now bringing its Wall Connectors to offices — and it's installing them for free. Te...

Tesla installs 300 Powerwalls to give Hawaiian school kids AC - Roadshow

The governor of Hawaii issued a challenge to Tesla to cool its kids without running up energy bills, and it accepted.

A prominent NYC venture capitalist says a floating pontoon bridge could be the answer to the looming L train nightmare

In April 2019, New York City plans to shut down the L line between Brooklyn and Manhattan for 15 months to focus on repairs. Many commuters who use the L line, particularly those who live in low-incom...

The teen survivors of the Florida shooting are leading a campaign to boycott the NRA — and it's working

Students who survived the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are leading a charge to boycott the NRA. They're asking companies with NRA partnerships to end them. It's already workin...

Kimbal Musk Raffling His Tesla Model 3 VIN #6 For Childhood Food Wellness

To raise money for food literacy for children, Kimbal Musk is raffling away his Tesla Mode 3, which is the sixth one ever made.

Teslonda makes a 1981 Honda scoot like a Tesla in Ludicrous Mode

Putting top-notch electric powertrain components into a 1981 Honda Accord is a recipe for drag strip success.

Silicon Valley's 'middle class' earns 7 times US average - CNET

In the suburb home to HP and Tesla, high salaries are the norm. But that doesn't mean the residents of Palo Alto feel well off.

Tesla Is 'Structurally Bankrupt' But So Are GM And Ford

A structurally bankrupt firm cannot survive as a going concern without access to capital markets. Tesla is structurally bankrupt, but as a start-up, we should expect that. GM and Ford on the other han...

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