Today in the city Tuscola 26.04.2017

Free charging for Tesla owners is getting phased out

For Tesla owners, the free lunch is about to end. Every Tesla owner so far has enjoyed free access to the company's supercharging stations, the network of quick battery chargers that pepper highways t...

Tuchel handles Aubameyang conflict perfectly at Borussia Dortmund

Thomas Tuchel delivered a masterclass in management in handling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's discipline and fallout at Borussia Dortmund.

Tesla will start charging money to use its supercharging stations

Electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. said it will end unlimited free use of its worldwide charging station network. The Elon Musk-led company said cars ordered after Jan. 1, 2017, will get about 1,000...

Tesla nixes free charging for new owners to fuel growth

Tesla cars ordered after Jan. 1, 2017, will be given 1,000 miles worth of free charging at Supercharger stations per year.

Tesla might be on the verge of a breakthrough that would change its ‘overpromising’ reputation

There's no reason why the Model 3, which I saw in prototype form in March, shouldn't be as good as it looks when it hits the streets in 2017. Het bericht Tesla might be on the verge of a breakthrough...

Tesla just launched a new glass roof for the Model S

Musk also said that the company has reinforced the body of the Model S to help improve safety. Het bericht Tesla just launched a new glass roof for the Model S verscheen eerst op Business Insider.

Tesla a rare opportunity for growth, but have concerns about SolarCity, analyst says

Analyst Jamie Albertine has questions about SolarCity's valuation and the timing of its proposed merger with Tesla.

Too early for Tesla to merge with Solarcity? Elon Musk says deal 'may even be a little late'

Elon Musk dismissed critics of Tesla's plan to buy SolarCity, saying the deal will speed sales and streamline products.

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